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Down Home Southernaires/Rio De La Muerte Tour HELP!!!

Hi! I'm Kris of the Down Home Southernaires category, from Miami, FL. We're currently booking our Summer Tour and we need a show in NJ on July 9. Any help is appreciated. If you can't help, feel free to refer us to someone who might be able to. We don't have a gurantee. Al we want is a place to rock out with a few kids and hopefully make some gas money to make it to the next town.
Tour Info:

the Down Home Southernaires (ex-Pygmy) from Miami, FL
Indie/Alt-Country Rock in the vein of The Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, Elvis Costello... <--- mp3s
(Embarasing, I know. is under construction)

Rio De La Muerte from Gainesville, FL
Intense and intricate acoustic solo act. The Down Home Southernaires will be pulling double duty as his backing band on this tour.
He got a good buzz going since he played last summer's plan-it-x fest in Bloomington, IN

Matt "Underfoot" from Miami/Sarasota, FL
Not a musical act, but a zine distro. He just has in depth zines about music and culture; etc
This is also a way for him to distribute his own zine. He's written for maximum rock n roll and some other publications.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from ya.
Kris Pabon
downhomesouthernaires at hotmail dot com
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